The Maliar expedition

Into the Cistern
Confrontation with a Cryxian Warcaster

After resolving the incident in the graveyard of the mazes, it finally came time to track down the warcaster we’d been pursuing. With the help of Sal from Sal’s salvage, we were able to submerge our jacks in the lock and enter the tunnel system. He gave us ten diving suits, so in addition to our company we were joined by Mr. Forster and three knights.
The tunnels were quite dark, but the light emanating from Jojo and Nineball gave us limited visibility. Water dripped from rivulets along the walls and ran down a channel in the middle of the tunnel. We were constrained to small pathways along the sides, making it difficult to maneuver around each other.
Soon we could see a strange glow ahead, around a corner. At the first sign of movement Mr. Murderson charged ahead with Nineball, and saw another of the wraiths that the Cryxian caster had previously sent against us. Before Ted could strike, the wraith leaped inside a spiderlike warjack that had been clinging to the wall above it. The ‘jack lashed out at Ted, but he dodged and struck with a riposte, knocking the ’jack off the wall and forcing the wraith out of it. By the time the rest of us approached, Ted and Nineball had destroyed the spiderjack, but a second one was approaching from behind him down another tunnel. We opened fire, and the wraith took advantage of the distraction to leap inside Nineball. Again he was forced out of the jack when it was damaged, and he tried to take shelter in the second spiderjack but it was destroyed before he reached it. Forster with his mechanical slug guns made short work of the spirit, but we had little time to recover as a eerie cloud of steam poured forth from farther down the tunnel.
Within this steam we could see the vague shape of a much larger warjack. and before we could react, Jojo charged forth pushing us out of the way to engage the new foe himself. The Captain took mental control of his unruly ’jack to guide its strikes, leaving several dents and gashes across the enemies hull. Then Mr. Vasco used his own special magics to force Jojo to attack again and again, further damaging the creature. I fired at the jack, doing little damage but leaving behind a corrosive acid. Before anyone else could strike the jack appeared to fade and vanish through the wall. We knew the warcaster was close if she was able to affect him with spells.
Most of the company continued forward, but Forster and I took a right turn to head towards a strange sound. As we approached another turn in the tunnel, a third spiderjack appeared in front of us and the heavy jack reappeared through the wall behind Forster. The sound was getting louder, so I drew my sword and dashed past the ’jack, parrying its blows as I went. I knew Forster would be able to handle himself. Now without the light of the jacks to help, I used one of Mr. Vasco’s mechanikal torches to see where I was going. As I rounded the corner into a large chamber full of pipes, the warcaster was directly in front of me. I dropped the light to take my rifle in both hands and fired, to little effect, but again leaving a spot of acid to eat through her powerful warcaster armor. I could see the rest of the company and the knights coming into the room through another entrance, but before any of them reached her, she charged me, and despite my best efforts to dodge and block her attacks, she quickly laid me out with spear thrusts and spells. Before she could deliver a killing blow, Mr. Murderson and one of the knights charged in to help. Using the last of my strength, and a small elixir made by Kell, I got back on my feet to block her escape down the tunnel, just as the knight finished her off.
With the warcaster dead the rest of her jacks shut down, giving us time to regroup and complete our true mission. We found the skull we had been sent after, as well as the skulls she had used to summon and bind her wraiths, and J-Mar put a rune shot into each one of them. We gathered the fragments of the skull to return to our employer, and left the rest of the spoils for the knights to deal with.

Guarding lafarve from assassins
Even the guards wanted him dead
Breaking and Entering and Breaking and Entering
From the Journal of Nathain Aldritch

While investigating a series of highway robberies near Point Bourne, the primary target of which was the merchant clan of House Mateo, our company discovered that it was in fact a lesser noble of the house, a man by the name of Darla, who was betraying his kinsmen. Our contract having been fulfilled by the eradication of Darla Mateo’s underlings, Mr. Martell had a wonderful idea to expose the betrayer to his superiors in the hopes of gaining a larger sum as well as prestige from the noble family.
Mr. Martell, henceforth to be called J-Mar, discovered that Darla Mateo maintained a ledger detailing the spoils of his robberies as well as the buyers of the stolen goods and the amount exchanged. J-Mar believed that using his certain set of skills, he would be able to infiltrate Darla’s estate in the night and retrieve said ledger, but he was wary of going alone. I, being the only other member of the company inclined to operations of subterfuge, volunteered to aid in his burgling.
After several days of long range reconnaissance, J-Mar and I were able to construct a detailed map of the estate and plot a course from a secluded first story window directly to the chambers of Darla Mateo. We observed the patrols of his guards in order to time our movements using a particularly finely crafted pocket watch, complete with a second hand. Also to our benefit were a pair of vision enhancing goggles for J-Mar to see better in the darkness, as well as a variety of crafty grenades supplied by Kell.
On the night of the burglary, J-Mar and I approached the estate through the adjacent vineyards, reaching our point of entry at two hours past midnight. Just as J-Mar was about to open the window, I noticed a slight glint of metal above and stopped him immediately, showing him the thiefcatcher blade positioned to remove his hands. Using his toolkit, J-mar drilled a minute hole through the wall, at first misjudging the location, but soon correcting, and then placed a small pin to hold the blade in place. So we entered the window.
Once inside, we made our way along the first hallway, again nearly setting off a trap of loose floorboards. I noticed the movement beneath my feet just in time to avoid a noise that certainly would have attracted guards. Nevertheless, when we reached the end of the first hallway, we heard the sound of hurried footsteps coming toward us round the corner, a guard out of formation. There were two doors opposite each other in which to hide, one of which smelled most foul. We chose the other, and to our benefit the guard did not. He entered the toilet to relieve himself most violently, only adding to the stench. After several minutes, he resumed his normal route, as did we. Upon reaching Darla’s quarters, J-Mar picked the lock why I stood guard at the corner, a canister of knockout gas ready in my hand. As J-mar entered the room, a third trap was sprung. A large weight fell from above the door, but J-Mar was able to dive and catch it with only the slightest noise. I hurriedly entered the room after him, closed the door, and released a small amount of the sleep agent from the grenade to ensure Darla remained asleep.
J-mar got to work attempting to open the safe directly underneath Darla’s bed, but after several hours and numerous attempts, was unable to open the lock. Finally, nearing sunrise, we were forced to retrace our steps and flee the estate, covering out tracks quite well.
J-Mar and I were more determined now than ever, and proposed to re-enter the estate in a few days time. Until then, we did further research. Thanks to the other members of the company, we were able to find the manufacturer of the safe, who told us much of the inner workings of his lock out of spite towards the Mateos.
When we returned to the estate, it was little trouble to make our way back to Darla’s chambers, now knowing the placement of each of his safeguards. Again J-Mar spent several hours working at the lock, but was unable to open it even given our new information. Again nearing sunrise, I refused to fail a second time. I crawled under the bed alongside J-Mar and drew a small pistol from inside my cloak. I told him if he was unable to crack the safe within a few minutes I would blast it open, consequences be damned. Fearing capture, J-mar worked more feverishly than before and was finally able to open the safe. Inside we found our target, Darla’s secret ledger, as well as a pouch of precious gems which we took and sold, and an heirloom bronze dagger which we left.
Upon returning to our company, Mr. Vasco took the ledger to the Mateo family, revealing Darla as the traitor, and receiving the sizable sum of two thousand crowns in return.

taking down those pesky bandits
everything's better with dynamite

mission length about a week of investigation preparation actual dirty work done in one day.

For the sake of brevity I will spare the reader the gory details of the encounter. Suffice to say that the party, upon discovering the location of the bandits’ hideout and learning they were disbanding soon, attempted to set an ambush. This failed. Utterly. Fortunately, what they lack in discretion they make up for in brute force. From a well-placed detonator shot to charging a sniper atop a hill they dispatched the villains, though it appears the leader got away.

money earned. money from items looted and sold and loose coin 357gc, items looted but kept farsight goggles arcantric scope, tarot cards and fine pocket watch. money earned from bounties 690, 350 in gemstones stolen from safe 2000 bonus from house mateo for uncovering traitor and supplying evidence bonus from house.

total earned 3397

plus gear kept worth 1380 at current point bourn market rates if you sold them you would get between 30 and 50% of their value.

Settling In
the trials and tribulations of starting a mercenary company

CrabSinge’s travelogue and recipe book

We arrived at the permanent residence the group traded for in my last entry, and they seemed disappointed, none more so than Captain Gath himself. Don’t know why though – seemed perfectly serviceable to me. Humans can be so picky! There were a handful of skigs, a type rat that eats gunpowder, and Murderson tackled the exterminator who came by on Gath’s command for “looking suspicious”. And then when the guard comes over it turns out accusing a citizen of fraud without proof and then physically assaulting them is frowned appon, as though they’ve never been in no place civilized before!

In any case our resident noble Vasco hired some help to clean the place out after the guys gassed and tossed the rats themselves, and then we headed out looking for some work. There was a curious salvage mission, though the sea seemed to make the company a bit uneasy – can’t say I blame ‘em. One too many of those seem to go bad due to Cryx. I also picked up a communique from the CRS that I thought would be good for some dough, but the guys seemed wary of the clandestine nature. A shifty lookin’ Order of Illumination agent also came by looking for Kell. Not right sure what they talked about, but everything seemed to be dandy when they got back. Said somethin’ about turning down a job though. For a mercenary company they sure don’t seem interested in doing mercenary work!

Finally they decided to help clear out a scrapyard a cousin o’ mine runs outside of Point Bourne. I had a few errands to run so I didn’t tag along, but from the reports it was a helluva spectacle, with a few scrap crabs banging up Smashy before the boys put ’em down. All in all an honest days work for an honest days pay.

After they got back the crew wanted to check out the CRS op, and looks like a good thing they didn’t take the job. The person to rescue was beheaded, several of his captors were dead, and the Gaslighters who took the job looked pretty banged up. Nathain picked up the trail of whatever took the man’s head, and the crew followed it to some evil-lookin’ caves near the edge of town before giving it up for lost. Feel a might bad for the poor sap, but thats life in the Kingdoms for ya. Kell also went back to the Illumination agent to report his suspicion of undead activity, but it seems they’re only interested in the Shrive fellow.

Repairs are comin’ along well on the guild house – I daresay we’ll be looking right respectable soon enough. The crew also picked up the trail of a bounty target, a bandit leader in the woods around town. J-Mar pounded the pavement a bit and got some intel on what might be going on, and Vasco hit up one of those fancy noble-balls to figure out who the interested parties might be. Apparently all the raids have been on cargo from the same family, known to be feudin’ with the Mercarian league. He also met up with our old pal Jack Malier, who offered us a job cleanin’ out an Orgoth tomb. As if! Even I ain’t crazy enough for that, no matter how good the pay. Moneys no good if you ain’t alive to spend it. Anyway, this bounty case seems like more than your run-of-the-mill investigation. Nathain and Kell went out to see if they could find any clues in the forest, while the rest of the gang is resting up.

if shell sold 3000 earned. 626 spent on tax’s repair and upkeep for the week. about a 1 foot by 1 foot chunk of shell kept in captain Gaths possession

the archiologist folly
or what the guys related to me about the retrieval of a nobles lost son

Singe’s travelogue and recipe book

The guys went off on a contract without me. What follows is what they related to me about the job

Valentino Vasco had sent word to his old childhood friend Jack Malier, who collected odd objects, on behalf of Nathain. Nathain wanted to sell the gatorman skull that he traded for in the Bloodsmeath Marshes, thinking some noble sucker would be foolish enough to shell out gold for the monstrosity.

Valentino got an immediate reply from his friends father.

“dear Vasco, I write with urgent news. My son has just recently gone missing. I am in need of your assistance, knowing your choice career. My men at arms are at the boarder of my estate dealing with bandits and will not be back in time. He went to check out some newly discovered ruins on our estate near the Thornwood. Please come post haste, as I need to hire competent men. I know you will do all you can to find your childhood friend”

Being less then a day from his estate the guys gathered up there gear in a rush and were off like a shot. I helped with minor packing but stayed behind. My contract clearly states pre approved vacation and R&R days and I am taking them. Besides I have family near by I had promised to visit.

On arrival they got the skinny and secured the contract for 3000 crowns for the safe return of his son. They went towards the nearby village, where the newly discovered cave was. Jack Maleir is an avid archeologist and specialist on Ancient Mordh, so was off like a shot when he heard news of new Mordhe markers being uncovered so close to his home.

When they arrived the village was in terror, a few of there number had been attacked at night by unknown horrors. This noted, the guys went to the new cave sure it was the source of the trouble.the “cave” turned out to be a hole in the ground. A rope tied to a tree led into the hole and as the sun set the guys were beset by Dregg, horrible beasts that delight in pain and fear the light of day.

As they poured out of the dark pit, a furious battle erupted. With gun fire being traded with the Dregg and the guys slowly closing with the horrid creatures. Unfortunately the battle was taking place over a massive cavern and Jo Jo the Warjack was heavy enough to start the hole thing collapsing, dumping the guys into a lightless hell with tunnels teaming with Dregg in one direction and a large stone door of Mordhe design in the other. The guys noticed that the door had recently been jammed. With nowhere else to turn and a tide of Dregg fast approaching, the guys got Jo Jo to open the door and sealed themselves in.

Holed up in a corner was Jack with a broken leg and reams of paper before him, translating the ancient writing that decorated the walls.

Gathering together and consulting the young archeologist, revealed that the structure they were in was some form of great machine that gathered souls and lblood sacrificed above and turned it into some form of energy. He also told us that if this place was like similar Mordhe structures there should be a second way out. With some laborious translating the guys made it past a deadly trap and into the heart of the complex. To there horror the structure was active supplied with a small amount of blood from Tharn activity above who had adopted the place for there own dark rituals unaware of the device churning beneath there feet.

Baleful green eyes flashes in the darkness and they where beset by the structures undead guardians, wielding terrible great axes and with a malicious intelligence to there actions. Battle commenced and the guys were victorious. Deciding to leave the investigating for later they scooped up the archeologist and made there way home.

time taken 5 days, pay 3000 gc and two ancient great axes one of which traded for permanent residence in point borne


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