Gobber Quartermaster with a dream


Skiled Gobber Quartermaster Alchamist


Comand Range:3


Languages:Goberish, Cygnaran, khadoran, ordic

Conections: Ordic Military, Cygnarin Military, Five Star Syndicate,

Military Skills:hand weapon 1,thrown weapon 1,Pistol 1
Skills:Alchemy 2, Medicine 1, Bribery 2, Drive 2, Deception 2, Negotiation 2, Law 1, Streetwise 2, Forgery 2, Sneak 2


Skilled (extra attack in round you made an attack)
Deft (all AGl rolls are boosted)
cagey (move 2" when knocked down,not auto hit by melee when knocked down keeps def,free stand)
Feat:Untouchable (spend a feat to gain +3 Def for one round)
Grenadier (extra free action just for pulling grenade pins)
Poison resistance (boosted rolls to resist poisons and toxins)
fire in the hole (free grenade attack at start of turn must advance or run that turn)
appraise (judge worth of somthing)
Scrounge (find used steam jack stuff for half off)


Utility knife
Holdout pistol
Small gauge pistol rounds x5
Smoke grenade x2
Conclusion grenade x2
Knockout grenade x2

Has access to all sorts but tends to keep nonlethal options at hand.

Relevant Equipment

Alchemicaly Treated Armored Greatcoat
Grenade Bandoleer


Teeth stained black from chewing his trademark fennel and mint flavored gum and hat set at a jaunty angle, Singe is a lovable rouge. A gobber with above average social skills and an irrepressible optimism that never seem saccharin or false.

Born to a family of nomadic Junkers Singe grew up moving from city to city with little concern for borders, in constant search of the next deal. With an experts eye for the worth of both people and things, it was a natural transition for singe to specialize in supplying expert advice to mercenary’s and setting up deals for various company’s. His skill quickly got him contracted out to individual company’s to deal with their supply and travel plans and give his point of view.

Singe has forged many useful contacts with Cygnar, Ord and the sinister Five Star Syndicate. Though he is good at his job he does not enjoy being around the constant threat of violence. A dreamer and inventor, singe is constantly trying to create something that will get him out of the mercenary life and set him up for good. His latest idea is Singelicious, a gum that he has invented. He has not quite gotten the formula right but he is sure with a little time, the right connections and a lot of money he can get his confectionary company off the ground and finally live the good life.

Always looking for a big score that will be his way to easy street singe has retired many times only to have his plans fall through and investments fail. It is ironic that a gobber so good at making sure thing go right for others has such a disastrous track record In regards to his own success.

It was on one of these deals gone sour that he met a young captain gath, then a lieutenant. He had been working for a short contract in the same company and had quit his service to follow Up on a chance of a lifetime. His cousin had gotten a shipment of refurbished military grade khadoran cortex’s salvaged from a recent border skirmish. The Cortexes where well scrubbed and wiped of any locks and security routines. It was as he was overseeing his cousin start up the first assembled jack that disaster struck. A hidden magical matrix activated, the cortex use to be in a quite clever grey lords retinue and when activate unknown subroutines kicked in and the jack came to terrible life. As singe scrambled back and prayed to Dhuina while the jacks great mass came bearing towards him, a near by Gath took action. He just happened to be in the vicinity and when he saw what was happening he selflessly threw himself in the way with the intent of scooping singe up and to safety. A slick patch of oil almost spelled disaster as he slipped and ended up directly in the jacks path. Great power welled in the young arcanist and at that moment his warcaster talent made itself known. The jack skidded to a halt just inches from both Gath and singe, motionless and now under Gath’s control.

Though he is still is trying to retire, he has never forgotten Gath’s actions so when Gath asked for help setting up his own mercenary charter he was more then happy to help the captain. Using several favors, he pushed the contract through the proper Chanel’s and signed on to help Gath for as long as he needed him.

Singes contract details

Pay: 50 gold crowns per week 100 gold crowns per week while “on asigement”

Provisions: roughly one third of all contract earnings must go into a company fund.

I am to be able to make executive decisions on the use of this reserve with the understanding that it will only be used for employee pay, supplies, operating expenses and things i determine to be “beneficial to the running of the company”

Individuals can access the reserve only on written agreement of two thirds of the company. A constant running total will be made available and itemized report on request.

I am due 1 day off for every 5 days “on assignment” to be taken within one week of contract end. Also payed holidays for all important Dhuina holy days.

You may terminate my service at any time if my employ is not deemed satisfactory


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