Bloody Kell Mistress of the Witchfire

just call him kell


Skilled Human Pistoleer Alchemist Duelist

PHY:5 SPD:7/8 STR:4

Comand Range:5


Languages: Cygnaran, Ordic

Military Skills: Pistol 2, Hand weapon 1, Thrown 2,
Skills: Detection 3, Sneak 2, Alchemy 3, Medicine 1, Intimidation 1, Craft: Clockwork 1, Craft: Gunsmithing 1, Negotiation 1, Lore: Underworld 1, Lore: Mercenaries, Streetwise 1,


Skilled (can make an extra attack in round you made an attack)
Grenadier (extra quick action each turn just for pulling a pin on a grenade)
Fire in the Hole! (free grenade attack at start of turn must advance or run that turn)
Two Weapon Fighting (if armed with two one-handed weapons he gets an extra atack, using the off hand weapon at -2 to hit)
Gunfighter (no penalty for firing pistols or carbines while engaged)
Fast Draw (+2 to initiative rolls and free quick action to draw weapons)
Virtuoso: Pistols (add an extra die and drop the lowest on attack and damage rolls)
Fast Reload (extra quick action just for reloading)
Ambidextrous (no penalty with off hand)
Brew Master (can reroll failed Alchemy rolls)
Parry (ignores free strikes when using a melee weapon)
Virtuoso: Hand Weapon (add an extra die and drop the lowest on attack and damage rolls)

-Hand Cannon w/ bayonet x 2
-Slug Gun
-various alchemical and non-alchemical bombs
-“Witches Teat”: Mechanikal rapier: Crit. Freeze, 1/2

Relevant Equipment
-Mechanikal Tailored Plate: ARM 7, Arcano-dynamic capacitor, Compensator and Fleet rune plate.
-“Witches Teat”: Mechanikal rapier: Crit. Freeze, 1/2
-Gas Mask
-Traveling Alchemist kit
-Gun braces
-Grenade bandolier
-Ammo bandolier
-various alchemical ingredients

XP: 59

hook Tags

Has shooty-inclined enemies (who he’ll have to deal with eventually)
Semi-mysterious past
Likes to shoot stuff
Now that he’s alchemically inclined, he’s for hunting things that yield pricey alch ingredients.


Grew up poor in a crappy part of (fill in the blank Cygnaran city) and left his home/ho hum family as a teenager when he found he was half way decent at firing a pistol and could make money doing it. Several years later he was critically wounded in a fire fight and decided that perhaps dodging bullets for a living wasn’t the most logical career path and began studying alchemy (with money pinched from his former shootin’ associates) in an attempt to turn over a new leaf. Later a girl he had a thing for was getting knocked around by some scum bags and (after unsuccessfully trying to dissuade said scum bags from bothering her) he was forced into a fight in which he shot em dead. He then had the cliche realization that he didn’t have to give up pistoleering, as it is integral part of who he is, as well as the not-so-cliche realization that if he’s gonna be doing that again, he’ll have to be the best gun in the fight.

Bloody Kell Mistress of the Witchfire

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