Julian Severus Martell

Scoundrel, Lowlife, Rogue. Pretty good shot though.


Julian Severus Martell
Gifted Human Gun Mage Thief

PHY: 6 SPD: 7 STR: 4
AGI: 5 PRW: 4 POI: 5
INT: 4 ARC: 4 PER: 5
Willpower: 8

MAT: 5
RAT: 8
Initiative: 18
Command Range: 3

DEF: 16
ARM: 13

Languages: Ordic, Cygnaran

Connections: Order of the Amethyst Rose, Criminal

Military Skills: Pistol 3, Hand Weapon 1
Skills: Bribery 2, Climbing 2, Detection 3, Escape Artist 2, Gambling 2, Intimidation 2, Lock Picking 3, Pickpocket 2, Seduction 2, Sneak 2, Streetwise 2

Benefits & Abilities:
Additional Study (Refuge)
Additional Study (Rune Shot: Momentum)
Feat: Quick Cast
Feat: Strength of Will
Craft Rune Shot
Fast Draw
Fast Reload
Rune Reader

Rune Shot: Accuracy
Rune Shot: Brutal
Rune Shot: Detonator
Rune Shot: Thunderbolt
Rune Shot: Iron Rot
Rune Shot: Momentum

Magelock Pistol (AM 0, POW 10, ER 10", XR 50")
Magelock Pistol (AM 0, POW 10, ER 10", XR 50")
Magelock Rifle (AM 0, POW 10, ER 14", XR 70")
Sword Cane (AM 0, POW 2/0)

Relevant Equipment
High-class clothing
Custom Battle Armor
40 Rune Shots
Ammo Bandolier
Rune Shot Casting Kit
Tarot Cards
Thief’s Tools
350 gc


1 [ ][ ]
……..[ ][ ]
2 [ ][ ]
3 [ ][ ]
……..[ ][ ]
4 …[ ]
5 [ ]
…..[ ][ ]
6 [ ]

XP: 59

hook Tags

Criminal life
Past coming back to haunt him
Lock picking and pick pocketing and skulking oh my.


While technically the scion of a wealthy Cygnaran household, the most common words used to describe Julian Severus Martell, or J-Mar as his friends call him, are scoundrel, lowlife, and rogue. Even growing up in a well-off family, J-Mar preferred running around the streets of Caspia with common children to schooling and learning proper etiquette, as was expected of him. When he turned 16, his parents gave him an ultimatum: shape up, or ship out. Without so much as a glance back, J-Mar turned around and walked away from the life he had never wanted.

Unsurprisingly, he quickly fell in with the Caspia’s criminal element. Though his gang was eventually broken up, J-Mar just took this as an excuse to explore other areas of Western Immoren, making a name for himself as a talented rogue from Khador to the Protectorate. He eventually made of a home for himself in Ord where disreputable folk like him were welcome, and it was here he met Reginald Hawkershireus, a member of the Order of the Amethyst Rose who had fled after the fall of Llael, now performing tricks on the street for booze money. Impressed by his abilities, J-Mar asked the fallen gun mage to teach him the sorcerous art. Hawkershireus declined at first, but upon seeing the bags of gold offered changed his mind. He was as surprised as anyone when J-Mar had the gift, and the pair spent about a year together before J-Mar’s wanderlust got the better of him and he left.

These days he works for a mercenary company to pay the bills and see the world, but its only a matter of time before J-Mar’s short attention span leads him into harms way once again.

Unbeknownst to Julian, his actions have not gone unnoticed by his family, who have found themselves the subject of gossip and rumors thanks to the exploits of their wayward son. In an effort to reign him in, they have hired the famed bounty hunting duo Dannon Blythe and Bull to track him down and bring him back, preferably alive.

Julian Severus Martell

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