The Maliar expedition

the archiologist folly

or what the guys related to me about the retrieval of a nobles lost son

Singe’s travelogue and recipe book

The guys went off on a contract without me. What follows is what they related to me about the job

Valentino Vasco had sent word to his old childhood friend Jack Malier, who collected odd objects, on behalf of Nathain. Nathain wanted to sell the gatorman skull that he traded for in the Bloodsmeath Marshes, thinking some noble sucker would be foolish enough to shell out gold for the monstrosity.

Valentino got an immediate reply from his friends father.

“dear Vasco, I write with urgent news. My son has just recently gone missing. I am in need of your assistance, knowing your choice career. My men at arms are at the boarder of my estate dealing with bandits and will not be back in time. He went to check out some newly discovered ruins on our estate near the Thornwood. Please come post haste, as I need to hire competent men. I know you will do all you can to find your childhood friend”

Being less then a day from his estate the guys gathered up there gear in a rush and were off like a shot. I helped with minor packing but stayed behind. My contract clearly states pre approved vacation and R&R days and I am taking them. Besides I have family near by I had promised to visit.

On arrival they got the skinny and secured the contract for 3000 crowns for the safe return of his son. They went towards the nearby village, where the newly discovered cave was. Jack Maleir is an avid archeologist and specialist on Ancient Mordh, so was off like a shot when he heard news of new Mordhe markers being uncovered so close to his home.

When they arrived the village was in terror, a few of there number had been attacked at night by unknown horrors. This noted, the guys went to the new cave sure it was the source of the trouble.the “cave” turned out to be a hole in the ground. A rope tied to a tree led into the hole and as the sun set the guys were beset by Dregg, horrible beasts that delight in pain and fear the light of day.

As they poured out of the dark pit, a furious battle erupted. With gun fire being traded with the Dregg and the guys slowly closing with the horrid creatures. Unfortunately the battle was taking place over a massive cavern and Jo Jo the Warjack was heavy enough to start the hole thing collapsing, dumping the guys into a lightless hell with tunnels teaming with Dregg in one direction and a large stone door of Mordhe design in the other. The guys noticed that the door had recently been jammed. With nowhere else to turn and a tide of Dregg fast approaching, the guys got Jo Jo to open the door and sealed themselves in.

Holed up in a corner was Jack with a broken leg and reams of paper before him, translating the ancient writing that decorated the walls.

Gathering together and consulting the young archeologist, revealed that the structure they were in was some form of great machine that gathered souls and lblood sacrificed above and turned it into some form of energy. He also told us that if this place was like similar Mordhe structures there should be a second way out. With some laborious translating the guys made it past a deadly trap and into the heart of the complex. To there horror the structure was active supplied with a small amount of blood from Tharn activity above who had adopted the place for there own dark rituals unaware of the device churning beneath there feet.

Baleful green eyes flashes in the darkness and they where beset by the structures undead guardians, wielding terrible great axes and with a malicious intelligence to there actions. Battle commenced and the guys were victorious. Deciding to leave the investigating for later they scooped up the archeologist and made there way home.

time taken 5 days, pay 3000 gc and two ancient great axes one of which traded for permanent residence in point borne



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