The Maliar expedition

taking down those pesky bandits

everything's better with dynamite

mission length about a week of investigation preparation actual dirty work done in one day.

For the sake of brevity I will spare the reader the gory details of the encounter. Suffice to say that the party, upon discovering the location of the bandits’ hideout and learning they were disbanding soon, attempted to set an ambush. This failed. Utterly. Fortunately, what they lack in discretion they make up for in brute force. From a well-placed detonator shot to charging a sniper atop a hill they dispatched the villains, though it appears the leader got away.

money earned. money from items looted and sold and loose coin 357gc, items looted but kept farsight goggles arcantric scope, tarot cards and fine pocket watch. money earned from bounties 690, 350 in gemstones stolen from safe 2000 bonus from house mateo for uncovering traitor and supplying evidence bonus from house.

total earned 3397

plus gear kept worth 1380 at current point bourn market rates if you sold them you would get between 30 and 50% of their value.



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