The Maliar expedition

Into the Cistern

Confrontation with a Cryxian Warcaster

After resolving the incident in the graveyard of the mazes, it finally came time to track down the warcaster we’d been pursuing. With the help of Sal from Sal’s salvage, we were able to submerge our jacks in the lock and enter the tunnel system. He gave us ten diving suits, so in addition to our company we were joined by Mr. Forster and three knights.
The tunnels were quite dark, but the light emanating from Jojo and Nineball gave us limited visibility. Water dripped from rivulets along the walls and ran down a channel in the middle of the tunnel. We were constrained to small pathways along the sides, making it difficult to maneuver around each other.
Soon we could see a strange glow ahead, around a corner. At the first sign of movement Mr. Murderson charged ahead with Nineball, and saw another of the wraiths that the Cryxian caster had previously sent against us. Before Ted could strike, the wraith leaped inside a spiderlike warjack that had been clinging to the wall above it. The ‘jack lashed out at Ted, but he dodged and struck with a riposte, knocking the ’jack off the wall and forcing the wraith out of it. By the time the rest of us approached, Ted and Nineball had destroyed the spiderjack, but a second one was approaching from behind him down another tunnel. We opened fire, and the wraith took advantage of the distraction to leap inside Nineball. Again he was forced out of the jack when it was damaged, and he tried to take shelter in the second spiderjack but it was destroyed before he reached it. Forster with his mechanical slug guns made short work of the spirit, but we had little time to recover as a eerie cloud of steam poured forth from farther down the tunnel.
Within this steam we could see the vague shape of a much larger warjack. and before we could react, Jojo charged forth pushing us out of the way to engage the new foe himself. The Captain took mental control of his unruly ’jack to guide its strikes, leaving several dents and gashes across the enemies hull. Then Mr. Vasco used his own special magics to force Jojo to attack again and again, further damaging the creature. I fired at the jack, doing little damage but leaving behind a corrosive acid. Before anyone else could strike the jack appeared to fade and vanish through the wall. We knew the warcaster was close if she was able to affect him with spells.
Most of the company continued forward, but Forster and I took a right turn to head towards a strange sound. As we approached another turn in the tunnel, a third spiderjack appeared in front of us and the heavy jack reappeared through the wall behind Forster. The sound was getting louder, so I drew my sword and dashed past the ’jack, parrying its blows as I went. I knew Forster would be able to handle himself. Now without the light of the jacks to help, I used one of Mr. Vasco’s mechanikal torches to see where I was going. As I rounded the corner into a large chamber full of pipes, the warcaster was directly in front of me. I dropped the light to take my rifle in both hands and fired, to little effect, but again leaving a spot of acid to eat through her powerful warcaster armor. I could see the rest of the company and the knights coming into the room through another entrance, but before any of them reached her, she charged me, and despite my best efforts to dodge and block her attacks, she quickly laid me out with spear thrusts and spells. Before she could deliver a killing blow, Mr. Murderson and one of the knights charged in to help. Using the last of my strength, and a small elixir made by Kell, I got back on my feet to block her escape down the tunnel, just as the knight finished her off.
With the warcaster dead the rest of her jacks shut down, giving us time to regroup and complete our true mission. We found the skull we had been sent after, as well as the skulls she had used to summon and bind her wraiths, and J-Mar put a rune shot into each one of them. We gathered the fragments of the skull to return to our employer, and left the rest of the spoils for the knights to deal with.



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